Employee Engagement and 360 degree surveys
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  • A lot of companies spend a lot of time, effort and money on organising mini events that are supposed to create employee engagement. However, while the younger employees might enjoy the break from routine work, these events rarely have an impact.Employee engagement comes from 3 main things : Working in an organisation that in your view is doing important work , Knowing that the work you do impacts company output and feeling that your contribution is valued. Having the right Organisation Structure and the defining of roles and responsibilities of all individuals can have a lasting impact on Employee Engagement. When designing and conducting surveys two aspects are most critical : asking the right questions and breaking the news ( the results/survey findings ) to the most affected. The latter is especially important with 360 degree surveys. Unless you have someone skilled in facilitation helping the recipient to come to terms with, accept and then work on his or her shortcomings the 360 survey could be more harmful than useful.

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